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Twist Agency was founded by Cara McGinnis after the realization that there was a niche for a company that produces high-end results without the big agency price tag. After co-leading two marketing agencies, Cara felt the need to spread her wings into a more non-traditional and creative space, her own.

Twist Agency specializes in social media marketing and was founded on the basic principles of freshness and creativity, with a way outside-of-the-box mentality. Twist creates content that causes the target audience to act through social media (for example: share, like, follow, purchase, watch, click, subscribe). We work with the client to develop a social media strategy that bests fits the product or service so that they are talking to the right audience and speaking the native language. Could you imagine talking to a customer about something that they don’t even care about? Talk about a waste of breath and time.

Working with Twist Agency eliminates the wasted conversation, as our main goal is to put the client in the room where the target audience is. Think of the room as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Google+, to name a few. It isn’t about quantity posting, it’s about quality, strategic planning to come up with an overall cohesive social media marketing strategy. Twist Agency makes the conversation relevant to the client’s target audience and provides them with the information that they want – ultimately making our client the industry expert.

Twist Agency understands that it’s not if you’re on social media, but how well you do on social media. It is a cluttered and saturated platform, but is a necessity for a brand in 2015. Social media is the new 30 second commercial. Working with Twist Agency will give you the insight on how to speak to your audience, what to say to them and how to make them a customer for life.

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Twist Agency completely cleaned up our HR Wise, LLC business listings online

- Greg O’Keefe, Business Owner HR Wise LLC

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