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Believe in the New Year

by Cara McGinnis • January 29, 2014
Keep Calm & Believe in 2014A New Year brings new beginnings. What was 2013 is now the past and we now look to the future of 2014. What will it bring? Will it be the best or worst year ever? What will be accomplished this year that wasn’t in the last?

Whatever your future holds, one thing remains the same, to always believe.

Believe in what it is that you believe in: faith, humanity, love, life, positivity, social media, advertising, etc. Our buzz word for the year is believe. It is a broad word with so many definitions, no right or wrong. To believe is to create, to imagine, to go out of the box. Believing in something that will motivate you to run the marathon, to put your money into inbound marketing, to forget Facebook and stick with Twitter. Believe in what you think is right.

Be a leader, not a follower. Believe in what you are passionate about, not what everyone else is passionate about, or what you think is the right thing. To believe is to stand alone in your own thoughts – no matter how others receive them.

You once believed in Santa Clause. What did that do for you as a kid? It taught you to be a better person because we all know Santa doesn’t give toys to girls and boys on the naughty list. It taught you patience, as Christmas is only one day a year, even though the presents are under the tree before the actual day. It taught you that if you believe in something so much, that it most likely will come true. Even though Santa is just a little piece of the holiday spirit, it still resonates today.

Believe in the things that you want both in business and personal this year – see what happens.

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