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The Big (Not So) Secret to Find your Audience Using Twitter

by Cara McGinnis • January 27, 2014
Ever thought, how am I going to reach the right audience when there is so much of the wrong audience out there? Social media is saturated to say the least and there is this big rumor going around that it’s all about the numbers. Of course it comes down to the numbers, the ROI, the engagement, but not exactly true when it comes to how many people are following you. Sure, you may think that having thousands of fans will give you validation (maybe). But what if those thousands of fans never purchase from you? Now, do you still think that it’s quantity over quality?

Think of it this way, would you rather be in front of 1,000 people that couldn’t care less about your product/service or in front of 5 people that NEED and WANT your product/service? Aha, so numbers don’t always matter, especially if you are a small business with a local angle. It pays for WalMart and Target to talk to that 1,000 people because they have products that every one of those 1,000 NEED and WANT.

You, most likely, are a small business, looking for local customers. How is a small business going to reach the right audience without the big budget of the Target or WalMart? Look no further, as we are giving you a BIG (not so) secret, secret. It’s called Twitter’s Advanced Search. I just saved you hours of scouring Twitter “the regular way” to follow those who you think may be interested in your brand, but aren’t sure if it’s the exact location.

Next time you sit down to look for people on Twitter, take these actionable steps to finding your audience and engaging them. Trust me this WORKS. Imagine this, you are a customer out in the social media world, actively tweeting about looking for a doctor or needing a doctor. What if said local doctor personally answers your tweet, with “I am located 10 miles from your house and we are taking new patients. How can I be of service to you.” Talk about getting directly in front of your customer and a memorable customer service experience, which will likely be passed on through social.

Doctors, listen up, this example is free. If you are a doctor looking for local work in the Los Angeles area, type in the word or phrase that somebody might use when looking for what you have to offer in the geographic area where you work, in the top box – “all of these words”, for example, we chose “looking for doctor” and in the last box under places – near this place, we chose “Los Angeles.” Clicking search will pull up all the tweets that mention “looking for doctor” and all locations will be 15 miles of Los Angeles. If only a few pull up, isn’t that better than 1,000 tweets that have nothing to do with looking for a doctor, but on a whim you decide I will follow them just in case. 1,000 unknown audience vs. 5 known audience. I think 5 solid leads are better than 1,000 maybes.

Here is the BIG (not so) secret results:

Here is your next customer. Imagine how shocked Samuel would be if a local doctor’s office personally reached out to him and said that it was accepting new patients and no the doctor does not resemble Alan Alda.

Using Twitter Advanced search cuts through the clutter and allows a small, local business to find it’s target audience and allows them to directly engage all for FREE.


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