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Consistency, Relevancy, Trust

by Cara McGinnis • December 16, 2013
Building Blocks of Social MediaThe building blocks to a successful social media strategy. Consistency means to post everyday (once a day is more than enough to get started). It means to put together an editorial calendar for your sanity. Pre-schedule a week in advance. Create “themed” content days so that your audience always has something to look forward to. For example: Contest Tuesday, Fan Mail Friday. Remember, you still want to stay on top of what’s “trending” and what is relevant, so make sure you don’t rely on your pre-planned posts, don’t become robotic.

My next point, you must Be Relevant. Yes it means, that you must be talking about what everyone else is talking about. Think what’s trending on Twitter (to find out just look on the left side column titled Trends. Think what is shareable, memorable but still fresh and being talked about. You want to create content to cause someone to act. Be Relevant. Be Human. Don’t become a robot or start to put out information that is not-relevant to your audience. You are building a brand. You are building trust.

Trust, the last of the building blocks and probably the most important. Trust means everything in today’s consumer driven world. They research, ask their friends and price compare before they purchase. Use the trust angle to support your sales pitch. Give the audience the information for free and they will, in return, become a lifetime customer/brand supporter/advocate/word of mouth on social media. Can you handle the truth?

Your audience can and they want it straight up, no sugar coating. Do you have the best product – prove it by putting out content that supports the ways in which you got to making the best product (the behind the scenes, the family history, the secret ingredient). Give the audience a taste of the personal side of your brand. Trust makes us feel at ease and creates a feeling of I love this brand, I need this brand in my life and so do my family and friends.

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