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Go Mobile or Go Home [VIDEO]

by Cara McGinnis • July 10, 2015

This just in, mobile phones have now outnumbered the World's population, with 7.7 billion smartphones vs. 7.1 billion people. We are living in a time when consumers are actively engaged on the number one most trafficked platform...the smartphone. How will you begin to engage your target audience?

Start by sending an email. Did you know that 191 billion emails are sent/received  through mobile on a daily basis? This means that consumers are still reading email and is not dead; it's more alive than ever before. What has changed is the type of content we are putting out there. Your audience wants value and they want what they want. At the end of the day, they care more about themselves than about how can you help them?

You can help by providing your target audience with a place to see your brand through their mobile eyes. Remember that your website should be responsive, meaning that it looks just as good as it does on the computer as it does a phone. For more information on implementing a mobile marketing strategy, contact Twist Agency at 480-799-2152 or email

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