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Marketing Done Right

by Cara McGinnis • November 19, 2013
We are bombarded on a daily with marketing messages from so many different types of products/services that when the “golden” one stands out, we have to share it.

Not sure if you have seen any of the recent Dodge commercials on TV, if you haven’t, Google Dodge Ads 2013. It is a must! Whenever I see one on TV, I actually stop fast forwarding my DVR and I watch. Not too many commercials have had that powerful of an affect on me.

Ron Burgundy PictureTwo words: Ron Burgundy. If you don’t know who I am referring to, then you most likely have been living under a rock. But here is a reference for you. OMG!!!!! We literally were laughing out loud! Dodge has really pulled off something spectacular from this advertising campaign. Utilizing an out-of-the-ordinary personality to talk about their new Dodge. From what could have been another boring car commercial, comes advertising genius. Talk about mind blown…

Here are a few of the best Ron Burgundy commercials. Your welcome!!!


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