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Social Selling – How to?

by Cara McGinnis • November 27, 2013
The biggest question we get asked is – how do I sell on social media? If you believe the answer to this question is you can’t, then stop reading now and see our blog, Why Social?. Because time and time again, we will always say, because that is where your customers are.

Selling on social media
So yes, you can sell on social media and if you do it right, your customers won’t even know that you are “selling” to them, gasp, on social media!!!
  1. Clear Call to Action: incorporate one! Some people are looking for more information about your company, some may be looking for deals and promos, or some may be looking for expert tips. Whatever it is they are looking for – give them what they want. If you don’t give them what they’re after, they likely won’t return. Use status updates to give them what they want and what you want: a sale. Example: Click here for Facebook fan exclusive coupon.
  2. Create a sense of Urgency: use phrases like – limited time, act now, for one day only, on sale this week. This creates an “act now” action in your customers. Like, quick the deal will go away if you don’t act NOW. Offer incentives if they purchase immediately instead of later. Depending on your business, you can offer free shipping, offer an extra week of service, offer a free product with purchase. Example: The next 10 people who retweet will get 10% off their next purchase.
  3. Offer Followers/Fans Exclusive Tips, Deals: let fans know that the information you are giving them is exclusive to them ONLY. Offer deals that are exclusive to each network to help build each channel’s loyalty and following. Example: Facebook Exclusive Coupon
  4. Encourage Sharing: sharing is caring!!! Ask your friends to LIKE, comment or RT (retweet) your posts. Like your mother said, it never hurts to ask. If your update is about a contest, ask your fans/followers to share the contest with their friends for an extra chance at winning. When you ask your audience to interact with your content, they are more likely to do it. Example: share our Spin to Win Contest with 5 friends for an extra chance to WIN.
  5. Keep All of Your Social Profiles Current: When a customer lands on any one of your social pages (hello, SEO), make sure that they are able to understand what it is that you do, by just looking at one of your social pages. Make sure their is cohesion with content, same brand colors, phrases and mission statements. Go through each page, once a quarter to update necessary info, take out non-important info, because something is likely to change. Example: use your Facebook cover photo to highlight important company info to give customers insight on what you do.

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