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Storytelling on Social Media

by Cara McGinnis • December 09, 2014
We love Gary Vaynerchuck so much. Every time we watch one of his videos or read one of his books, we consistently remember why we started in the social media business. He puts this industry into perspective so well….like, so well

We wanted to share this video – 15 minutes long, but worth sitting through every second, when you have the time that is. And after watching you will realize that time is the one thing that it all boils down to.

If you think using the same picture on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, is OK, then think again. It’s about the context of the room (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook). You as an individual act differently in a board room vs. going with your girls to Las Vegas for the weekend. You are still the same person but the context of the room changes the way you storytell.

If you only remember one thing, quality storytelling always wins.


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