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Using Video in Social Media Marketing [VIDEO]

by Cara McGinnis • June 30, 2015

Video is the most important element of content marketing that a company can produce in this day and age. It does not matter what your product is or what you are selling, video is currently the most effective way to make your brand known on social media. While YouTube used to be the king of the castle, for sharing video content, times are a changing. Facebook gets 4 billion daily video streams and that number is continuously rising. It isn’t enough anymore to just upload a video to YouTube and expect your audience to find it there.  In today’s society, videos can be shared on virtually every social media outlet and more effectively than on YouTube. In a culture where everyone is producing content, uploading videos to Facebook allows for additional exposure for a business reaching an audience that is interested in your product. Videos on media outlets like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook allow a business to actually connect to their audience in a real and meaningful way through interactions on these platforms. 

The main reasons that other social media outlets have been rising to the forefront of video sharing content are as follows:  they are smart, shareable, and personable. Videos that are posted directly to Facebook have a much higher chance of being seen by your target audience thanks to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm. Facebook wants to promote videos that are linked natively to their website because it is good business for them, and it is good marketing for your company. Due to their massive targetable consumer data, you can be sure that your video is reaching your target audience. Twitter allows you to personalize your company by creating short videos that give your audience a visual of your brand. Even Snapchat has become a way to reach a wide audience through video. It’s worth learning how all these social media sites integrate video, because it is the number one way to reach your audience right now. 

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