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Valentine's Video Viewing

by Cara McGinnis • February 14, 2014
Happy Valentine's Day!Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! What better day to compile a list of the best love videos EVER, than today. We are feeling extra mushy, so enjoy what we think just may be the most “tug at your heart strings” and most original ways to say I love you. Because without love, what else is there? Food, air, water, work, sleep, flowers, dogs, nature….. Oh yah, there are other things than love. Don’t let not having a Valentine affect the positivity that this day is supposed to express.

Top 5 Valentine Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure -
  1. Live Lip Dub Marriage Proposal - we can almost stop at this one and just keep this as a #1 list only, but that would be boring. This just screams love – getting everyone in your life in on your marriage proposal is probably a woman’s dream come true. Points for life for this guy!
  2. You Had Me at Hello – this is a great movie for sports and for love. The scene in this particular movie gives (Ok, maybe mostly women) hope that real love exists in places you may never have thought to look.
  3. He Planned Her Pinterest Wedding – kudos to a social media platform for a special feature in this over 30 minute short film. One man’s journey to propose to and marry his girlfriend all in the same day (her dream). He used her Pinterest wedding board to plan it all, without ever really knowing if these were really the items she wanted. Well, Pinterest proves it’s vision boards are real and filled with actual interests. This love story is strong on faith and family and Pinterest.
  4. From Wife to Daughter – while not a video, it’s just a must see. A picture truly speaks a thousand words. One man’s battle of losing his wife, replaced with unconditional love for his daughter. Life must go on for her. He remembers his wife in such a way that shows how much love there was and still is. His daughter has memories that will be with her forever. What an amazing dad moment.
  5. Restoring Faith in Humanity – this video has us on the edge of our seats the entire time. You will be full of emotions after watching this. There are humans out there that do have other humans interests at heart. Those don’t blink when action happens, they react and help. This video is perfect to help us think positively that it really is about human connection.


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