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Why Social?

by Cara McGinnis • October 25, 2013
Media is like going to the gym – you have to go everyday to see results.” This is a quote that we have come to love because it speaks the truth. You have to be consistent to see results and like the gym, if you miss a day, well, we all know that it could lead to another missed day and so on and so on…. Same goes for social. If you miss a day, you miss a chance to interact with your customers. Thus, them forgetting you exist. Don’t get lost out there!

700 million people are actively using a social platform right now. That means that you have a chance to reach all of these people with the click of your mouse. Pick your poison, as you don’t need to rule the entire social space. You just need to be consistent with the one that you do choose.

Set aside at least 10 minutes a day – updating your status, checking out your competitors and brushing up on the latest features. They change daily, so staying on top of it, will allow you to make your social profiles that much better.

Know your audience, give them exclusive content that they want. You may be wasting your time by creating content that your audience doesn’t even care about. Test different subjects, ask open ended questions. Your audience will create content for you. Utilizing their interests in the content that you produce will keep them coming back. And we all know that once a customer trusts you, they are more than likely to purchase your product or service.

Why social? Because that is where your customers are.

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