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Recent surveys show that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers and generate business.  A growing number of people are receiving emails at home, at work and on their mobile devices wherever they may be. Emails created by Twist Agency feature refreshing, personalized graphics and messaging that people look forward to opening and reading.
The Twist team understands that the success of your email marketing campaign depends on a skillfully planned strategy and relevant content.  We’ll help you determine how often to reach out to your contacts and customers, creating a schedule that fits your marketing goals.  We’ll also create templates that humanize your brand and content that is worth sharing.
Email marketing from Twist allows you to maintain a continuous relationship with your customers, and to build relationships that will entice prospective customers to give your products or services a try.  Email marketing communications allow you to share details about the things that make your business stand out from the competition, while staying top of mind through thoughtful messages.
The professionals at Twist Agency are experts at developing refreshing email marketing communications that feature your branding.  We also provide our clients with customized reporting that allows us to measure your campaign’s success.  We use a variety of trusted email marketing platforms for the most reliable deliverability, ensuring that your messages get through to your audience.
Ready for a fresh take on email marketing?  Click here to contact Twist Agency today to discuss the most effective ways to get your message out.

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